Feb 222012

One detail that will leave many women of the world wanting me dead only to gain access to my Germ is this:  The Germ does not snore.  In fact he looks like an angel when sleeping.  He is such a sleeping angel that I can’t help but snap the occasional picture.

He resides somewhere between a sleeping baby or a cat sleeping in sunlight.  There he is, my wonderful Germ enjoying peaceful, quiet, non snoring slumbers.

I know far too many happy couples who are forced to sleep in separate rooms, wear earplugs and suffer from the ills of disrupted sleep–all because of the snoring issue.  Silent sleeping is just another one of the many great gifts bestowed on this gem of a Germ.

Fait des beaux rêves mon amour…

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Feb 142012

It just so happens that I married one of the greatest people in the world.  Lots of people think that about their spouse, but anyone who knows the Germ will likely agree with me.  He is consistently wonderful.

The champagne year has provided me with a unique opportunity to celebrate the Germ and let the world know why he is the greatest person I have ever met.

For example…

I was getting my makeup done for an event (Laura Mercier–always brilliant, flawless and classic) and the artist was applying false lashes to complete the look.  We had a conversation regarding how challenging it is to apply  your own false lashes.  The first always seems to go on well, but the Lord be with you while trying to get the second lash applied in the same way.  The artist then shared a story that actually changed my life.  She once rode the metro with one lash on, the other in hand because she just couldn’t get the second eye on right.  She simply stated  how much easier it is to have someone apply lashes for you.  As she spoke these words, I knew that I had just the person.  Later that evening I asked the Germ to take on the role of official lash applicator.  He gladly accepted the new role and has been applying my lashes ever since.

The Germ loves symmetry and is wonderful with details.  I thought this new information was the greatest discovery and was eager to inform all of my girlfriends that their lash dilemmas were finally solved.  Their men could apply their lashes for them.  Not only was it going to save them time and money, but also heart ache.  It was so simple.  It took my Germ less than two minutes and they were applied perfectly.   I was later shocked to discover the amount of men who flat out refused to partake in this beauty endeavour.  Refused.  They wouldn’t think of it.  I still don’t understand.

In less than two minutes, I am transfixed into a glamour puss, ready to take on the world with the help of my Bambi lashes, applied enthusiastically by no one other than my beloved Germ.  These small details, little acts of kindness and helpfulness are only a sliver of the countless reasons why I just love my Germ.  Everyone should have one.  The world would be a better place.

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