May 152012

Believe it or not, there is proper form on how one should pour wine. To many, this may seem like a no-brainer fact, but how frequently people don’t abide by this tradition either illustrates that a) people no longer care or b) they simply don’t know.

For the interested B crowd:

When pouring a bottle of wine, be sure that the label on the bottle is visible to the person whose glass you are filling. If you are filling multiple glasses–yes, you will need to rotate the bottle.

Now that I have mentioned pouring good form, take note on how wine is poured at a restaurant.  The more accomplished servers will always be aware of the label.

At your home, if you are serving a fine wine–show it off.  Many guests will be very interested to discover the type of grape, the house, the vintage and the region of the wine you offering.  If you are serving something far less than fine–so be it.  It happens.  Don’t try to hide it, show that label off too.

 Posted by on May 15, 2012