Jun 152012

I dedicate trying this new thing to Dr King and Jenny Freakout for their role in getting me to do what I thought was the impossible–considering that it is the most crazy ass thing I could ever imagine doing.

This is how it started.  During a phone conversation with Dr King:

“Jenny and I were talking, and as much as we love reading about champagne and cheese, what we love the most and want more of is when you do your crazy things.  Everyone loves crazy Kitty adventures”

I relay this conversation to the Germ.  It goes something like this:

–Dr King and Jenny Freakout want to see and read about me doing really crazy things.

–I can think of  a crazy thing you could do

–I can think of one super crazy ass thing, but it is too crazy

–Really Crazy?

–Are we both thinking the same thing?

–I think so

In unison:

–The EdgeWalk.

We mentally decide in February that we are going to do this walk.  For months, every time I see the CN tower, my heart skips.  I feel sick. The EdgeWalk re-opens for the season in May.  Our anniversary is May 16.  Seems like a fitting thing to do on an anniversary non?

A few days before May 16th, we book on line.  The walk is non refundable and expensive.  We are now committed.

The Germ has specific instructions–If I fall off, he is to to unclip immediately and jump after me.  Ditto goes for me.

So here we go EdgeWalk, Kitty and the Germ style.

We make our way over to the base camp inside the CN Tower (right beside the gift shop).

Once taken into the change room area, we are instructed to remove all jewellery including wedding bands and earrings.

We are given read jumpsuits and were breathalized (no drunks permitted).  We get put into harnesses.

We ride in a special elevator all the way to the top and walk right out. I am in full prayer mode.  It is super windy outside, but not windy enough that we can’t go.

The Germ, as per usual gets outside and is fearlessly brave and hanging/dangling over the edge at every opportunity.  Me?  Not so much.  I did not sign on for the additional activities.  I just signed on to walk around the edge.  It was also just us two, so peer pressure wasn’t applicable.

To some, this may not be the craziest thing, but since I am not a fan of heights, this really was the most crazy ass thing I could imagine.

Attached is the video.  Proves we were there!

Kitty and the Germ – CN Tower EdgeWalk
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  4 Responses to “New Things #4 — CN Tower EdgeWalk”

  1. I am awestruck by your courage! This is an amazing achievement and you are the ideal couple to conquor such a challenge. Felix, Jason and I watched the video and loved it! Marc was great chatting about Toronto tourism, etc. You were so brave taking those first steps onto the platform…I could not do this! What a great way to solidify your wedding vows and mark the occasion. You are quite a daring duo! Looking forward to your next amazing adventure!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! I felt sick watching it!!!!! Kitty- hats off to you! Marc you are crazy!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. OMG! Holy Shizznit! That looks so scary… I can’t believe I inspired you to do this, since I would be way too chicken to try it myself. I love your line about the toe move (or the sitting move?): “I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on a crucial part of the experience.” Meanwhile, the germ is fearless and hanging out like he’s in your living room! You’re an amazing pair! xoxo

  4. Wow! I didn’t even know you could do this! Well done, you two!

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