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I really do love Moët & Chandon.  Until pressed in a blind tasting, I was convinced that Moët was my absolute favourite (but of course, I am very open to finding a new favourite and recommendations are always welcome).  Moët & Chandon was the champagne of choice on my wedding day.  The first bottles were popped while getting ready before I walked down the aisle…Delicious.  Is there anything so festive or celebratory as champagne?

Moët is lovely and smooth.  It provides all of the elements that a fine bottle of champagne needs to deliver.  As one of the oldest, biggest and most powerful champagne houses, Moët & Chandon has a lusciously rich history which includes everything from a current Royal Warrant to supply Queen Elizabeth II with champagne to holding some of the most notable historic champagne accounts like Napoleon and Queen Victoria–to name only a few. The Moët brand continues to maintain a significant presence in the world of champagne, luxury goods and beyond.   In 1987 a merger of Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy took place, creating the powerhouse luxury brand known as LVMH where Christian Dior is the main holding company with over 42% of the shares and 59% of the voting rights.  There are over 60 high end brands under the LVMH umbrella which includes everything from Fendi to Céline, Bulgari to Donna Karan.

For the past 21 years, Moët & Chandon has been the official champagne of the Golden Globe Awards.  This year, every table had a magnum of 2002 Grand Vintage (yum) in a silver ice bucket on the table, of course with the label proudly displayed.  Everyone loves the Golden Globes because it is a boozy event, but what makes it even more fun is the fact that it is a champagne boozy event. The best kind of boozy event ever!

Moët usually runs slightly less in cost than Veuve, but it is generally more expensive than the smaller, lesser known champagne houses.

The colour is straw, with gorgeous, delicate ribbons of bubbles and a lovely smooth finish.   It is a solid go-to champagne, maintains serious brand power and is always widely available. Moët performed very well at our blind tasting with many people ranking it as their favourite champ.

In 2011, Scarlett Johanson became the face of Moët & Chandon’s latest advertising campaign with a truly stunning array of pictures.  Each one is more beautiful than the next. It is so fitting to have such a gorgeous startlet photographed with champagne–non? Here are a few of the images from the campaign…

Moët will not disappoint.  Their California house Chandon is a much less expensive option and will be discussed further in a later crémant entry and truly explored in a future blind crémant tasting.

Champagne Detail #2 : You pronounce the T.  The proper pronunciation of Moët is MO–ette.

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