Feb 172012

The first thing I did was obvious.  Start writing a list.  Needed:  12 new things (do/try/experience) for the Champagne year.  One item on the list was to sing on stage.  That however is cheating as it is not new.  It is something I have done my entire life.  What I haven’t done is rap on stage.  Yes, rap.  I am a white cousin who likes to go gangsta (usually after some show tunes).  Jay Z is my boy and my kitchen and car are my forums. The audience is typically the Germ, my lovelies or a shared performance with Dr King.  This time however there was a real audience.  Sadly no Sean Carter in the house, but a little Marshall Mathers would do just fine.  Enter Eminem.

There is no question that rapping on stage counts as one of my twelve new things.  Before I took the stage, there was some serious performance anxiety, but the always encouraging Germ kept citing his favourite expression which I suspect will be a mantra throughout this year.  “Feel the Fear and DO IT anyway  So I did it.

Here is a video to prove that I did it.  It is definitely not the most flattering dress or stance, but it was my one shot, the only opportunity that I got…

Dr Joi would say that I am a hot mess.  Either way, I think it is pretty funny but the real bottom line is that I did it.  10 more to go!

Lose Yourself
 Posted by on February 17, 2012